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Step-By-Step, Illustrated, and Designed With YOU in Mind.

  • Step-By-Step


    Ridiculously easy steps - effective and powerful results.

  • Tested and Re-tested

    Tested and Re-tested

    Practical and effective. Developed in the real world with real girls.

  • Save Money

    Save Money

    Follow this program just once and enjoy long lasting sex forever.

  • 360 Degree Results

    360 Degree Results

    Develop inner confidence, make her orgasm and last longer.

  • Premium Bonus

    Premium Bonus

    Last 15 minutes longer tonight with our "7-Step Emergency Plan".

  • Illustrated Easy-Learning

    Illustrated Easy-Learning

    Improve fast and easily. All you need is 47 hours.

Guys! What Would You Give To Last Longer in The Bedroom?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

There are a ton of other programs out there offering “miracle” cures for Premature Ejaculation.

This is not a miracle cure, or a silver bullet. It’s not the same old tired techniques that don’t work.

 This is an all-natural, healthy, one of a kind system with proven results that work – Every time!

Dear Friend,

Premature ejaculation can erode your confidence in the bedroom and destroy your sex life. Worse, it can destroy your love life.

  • If you’ve ever had to apologize for finishing too quickly…
  • If you’ve ever felt the shame of leaving her unsatisfied…
  • If she’s ever cheated on you…
  • If you’ve ever lost your girlfriend to premature ejaculation…


Then you know how it feels. You know the crushing shame and embarrassment that premature ejaculation leads to. It is a debilitating condition. The self-consciousness that P.E. breeds will invade other areas of your life. If left unchecked, you’ll eventually lose even the drive to chat up women. What’s the point? Right? You’ll only disappoint her in the bedroom.

Sound familiar?

I know. I’ve been there.


There’s Hope!

I Want To Introduce You To A System I Created Which Will Change Your Life Forever!


But first, let me tell you a little about myself.

Just like you I suffered from premature ejaculation. Starting with my very first sexual encounter. I could barely get inside before I was ready to blow. Sometimes the problem was so severe I would cum in my pants. It was humiliating and, just like you, it eroded my confidence with women.

I was fortunate enough to have a great girlfriend who really believed in me and wanted the relationship to work. One night, tears standing in her eyes, she begged me to do something about my problem.

I knew then and there, if I didn’t solve this once and for all, she would leave me like all the rest.

The next day I went to see a doctor. He told me to do Kegel exercises. Not only did Kegel exercises not work, they actually made the problem worse. Other doctors suggested the Start-Stop technique or the Squeeze technique. Millions of men have already tried these exercises without lasting results. Desperate, I read every book I could find. I scoured the internet, talked to experts and spent a small fortune. I tried all the pills and creams and toys. None of it worked for me.

It Took A Long Time, And A Lot Of Money, But After Years Of Research I Finally Developed A System That Works

Important: This is not another pill and it’s not an exercise from a doctor who has never experienced the terrible problem of Premature Ejaculation. This is an all-natural, exercise based approach to defeating P.E. once and for all.

My system works so well in fact, I can now cum on demand. It doesn’t make any difference if my girlfriend needs ten minutes or thirty. I can go as long as I need and feel like a rock star.

Instead of seeing disappointment in her eyes when I finished too fast, she started telling her friends all about our amazing sex life!

It worked so well, I started helping other men, just like you, to overcome P.E. And I don’t mind telling you that so far, my clients have enjoyed a 100% success rate!


This One Of A Kind System Is Not Sold Anywhere Else On The Web

Introducing the Revolutionary:

The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure

Completely Stop Premature Ejaculation in Only 47 Hours


My system will take you by the hand and show you step by step the never-before-seen exercises, both mental and physical, you need to be doing to solve this problem once and for all.

I’m going to show you;

  • What muscles are used in ejaculation, where they are and what they do.
  • How you can strengthen and control these muscles.
  • How the mind works during intercourse, and…
  • The attitude, mindset and visualizations you need to finally have a fantastic and fulfilling sex life.


I’m also going to show you how to track your progress and measure your goal in a meaningful way that shows you how far you’ve come and how far you have to go! This really is a one of a kind system, designed by me, with goals and milestones that will motivate you on your way to success.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $299 $197
$97 (Limited-Time Promo)
One-off investment. Last Longer for Life.


Your new sex life is 1 click away…

Yes! 47 Hours is ALL You Need to Transform Your Sex Life!

The best part? I’ve spread “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” out over 12 weeks, so that you can improve steadily and constantly with only a few minutes a day of easy practice.

How it Works:

I know how it feels when you have no idea about what to do next. I would have paid thousands of dollars to have an expert tell me exactly what to do on a daily basis.


Here’s my blueprint for permanent stamina:

In order to make it ridiculously easy for you, I have divided the 47 hours of “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” into small sessions of a few minutes each for approximately 12.5 weeks. You’ll be told exactly what to do each and every day until your premature ejaculation is permanently gone.

Easy and powerful.

  • No more doubts, no more questions, no more insecurity. Simply follow my day-by-day plan and you’ll get there, in 47 hours.




  • Week 1 to 4: Build

Take control of the most powerful sexual organ you have: your mind. In the next four weeks you’ll build the foundations and take ownership of your body during sex.

Week 1

The winner’s mindset. Develop permanent inner confidence.

Week 2

Take charge of your sensations and thoughts. Powerful.

Week 3

Start conditioning your body to master pleasure.

Week 4

Step up to the next level of control. Enjoy more than ever.

  • Week 5 to 8: Map

Discover your personal “Map of Arousal” which is the easiest way to totally master ejaculation. This method has been completely developed by us and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Week 5

Start raising your ejaculatory threshold, one sense at a time.

Week 6

Build multi-sensorial 360 degree ultimate resistance.

Week 7

Discover your “Map of Arousal” for absolute sexual mastery.

Week 8

Get rid of performance anxiety with our unique infallible method.




  • Week 9 to 12: Succeed

You clearly see how ejaculation works now. Lasting as long as you like is easy for you. You’ll practice and learn powerful natural tactics to amplify your success even more.

Week 9

Master those tiny muscles that make all the difference.

Week 10

Your body is relaxed and ready to enjoy long intercourse.

Week 11

You can kiss, touch and enjoy endless foreplay.

Week 12

Intercourse is easy. You can last as long as you desire.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $299 $197
$97 (Limited-Time Promo)
One-off investment. Last Longer for Life.


Your new sex life is 1 click away…

99.9% Of The Information On Premature Ejaculation Is Based On Myths, Misinformation And Outright Lies

Most of the self-titled “experts” out there are simply telling people to use Kegel Exercises. Like I said earlier, Kegels will not solve your problem. It might even make your situation worse. If you are reading this, you’ve probably tried all the other advice, like pulling down on your testicles, or counting thrusts. I’ve even heard of men putting their jewels in a bucket of ice for fifteen minutes. Others suggest trying to please her with oral sex. That is simply a way to avoid the problem. Let me make this clear: none of these “fixes” address the core issue.

  • You don’t need creams
  • You don’t need toys
  • You don’t need pills


I want you to stop wasting your money on these “miracle” cures, pills and all the other nonsense.

  • You were born with the only tool you need!
  • You deserve to have a fulfilling, enjoyable sex life.
  • You should not have to see the hurt and disappointment in her eyes anymore.


  • You should not have to endure the sting of humiliation.
  • You can beat this!
  • I can show you how.


Great Support. We Will Help You!

24 hours a day – 7 days a week



If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Whether you have a question or can’t understand an exercise, drop us an email, we’re always happy to help you out and point you in the right direction.

  • 5-star premium customer support included
  • Friendly, competent and helpful staff
  • Average reply time of 24 hours (yes, even at Christmas)


  • Become more confident in bed
  • Develop 100% natural control
  • Please your girlfriend effortlessly

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $299 $197
$97 (Limited-Time Promo)
One-off investment. Last Longer for Life.

Your new sex life is 1 click away…




Need to Last Longer Tonight? We’ve Got You Covered!

When you purchase “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” today, you’ll receive a free copy of my “Tonight’s Emergency Plan To Last Longer: 7 Steps (with illustrations)”

Gonna have sex tonight? Are you scared of coming quickly again? Want to impress your date? Want to make your girlfriend orgasm? Are you young and inexperienced? Are you old and experienced? Keep coming quickly no matter what you do?

Got no time and are looking for something that works tonight?

Whatever your situation is my unique, secret, badass plan will work for you. Tonight! Guaranteed 100%
Let’s have a look at what this plan does not include:

  • No Pills.
  • No Sprays.
  • No Creams.
  • No Kegels.
  • No Edging.
  • No Stop-Start.
  • No Distracting.
  • No Squeeze.


What it does include are:

7 simple illustrated steps you need to take to last at least 15 minutes tonight. Guaranteed success 100% – even my grandpa could do it blindfolded.


  • Yeah but I’m gonna have sex in a couple of hours, am I still on time?

Sure you are! If you have at least 1 hour before sex you can do this.

No Waiting. No Shipping. No Delay.
The books are in .pdf format and available for immediate secured download after purchase.

All You'll Ever Need to Last Longer - In One Powerful Package.

Permanent results and fast improvements, thanks to our incredible bonus!

A straightforward DAY-BY-DAY plan which distributes the core program over a sample period of approximately 12 weeks.
Your Daily Plan
166 pages, 25,000 words, easy-to-read, illustrated and the powerful pumping heart of this program.
The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure
For immediate, instant results. You can literally last 15 minutes longer tonight if you follow these simple 7 steps.
Exclusive Bonus!
Exclusive Bonus!
Tonight's Emergency Plan To Last Longer: 7 Steps

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $299 $197
$97 (Limited-Time Promo)
One-off investment. Last Longer for Life.

Your new sex life is 1 click away…





What You Will NOT Find in The Program:

You will NOT be prompted to buy pills, other books,  sprays or creams. We leave sneaky tactics to scammers and focus on helping instead.

All you need is inside the program. Full stop. And before you even ask, it’s a $197 one-off investment.

What Kind of Exercises Will I Find in The Program? Kegels?

Most men have had their P.E. worsened by Kegels. They are just the tip of a huge iceberg. And forget about the squeeze technique, which is dangerous, embarrassing and outdated.

Inside “The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure” we’ll show you a never-before-seen set of top-class mental and physical exercises that produce nothing less than excellence in bed.

When Your Say 47 Hours, Do You Mean 47 Hours Straight?

No, of course not. I’m not saying that if you start today at 8am the day after tomorrow at 7am you’ll be done. It doesn’t work that way because your body and your mind need time to adapt and develop the necessary skills. For your convenience and to help you achieve this result in the quickest possible time I have spread the 47 hours into a daily program of approximately 12.5 weeks.

You can adapt the program to your schedule as long as you do the exercises in the order they are presented.

I Need to Last Longer Tonight! What Should I Do?

Great! If you need something for tonight the bonus: “Tonight’s Emergency Plan To Last Longer: 7 Steps” is exactly what you need. It’ll help you last 10-15 minutes longer tonight in a completely natural way using simple mental and physical shortcuts I have created.

The bonus ebook goes straight to the point and shows you the exact 7 steps you need to last longer tonight (with illustrations).

What Kind of Support Do You Offer?

After purchase and as soon as you send us an email you’ll get free instant access to our premium support portal where a polite, professional and friendly staff member will help you with any question you may have.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and our staff works 24/7.

What About The Price and The Payment Processor? Is it Safe?

When you consider that pills, sprays and delaying condoms can cost you in the order of thousands of dollars a year and that these solutions create addiction and that are a recurring expense, you realize that a one-off $299 $197 (limited time offer) investment for such a life-transforming program is ridiculously cheap.

We use Clickbank® payment processor, which is one of the safest in the world. You’ll receive a receipt of your payment, a confirmation email and everything else you need right after purchase.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Just $299 $197
$97 (Limited-Time Promo)
One-off investment. Last Longer for Life.

Your new sex life is 1 click away…