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10 Reasons Why The 47 Hour is Better Than Any Other P.E. Program Out There


1) True Story

This program has actually been written by someone who suffered from premature ejaculation. No cheap freelancers or ghost writers have been hired at all. I did struggle with P.E., my story is true and The 47 Hour is a condensation of everything I have learned in years of personal battle and research.


2) No Random Salad of Exercises BUT FIRST EVER ACTUAL STEP-BY-STEP Method

There is nothing worse than a P.E. book that gives you a list of exercises without telling you in which order to do them, for how long and in which combination. The 47 Hour gives people a Daily Plan that tells them exactly what to do each and every day: which exercises to do, in which order, for how many days, for how many minutes a day and even what time of the day is best.


3) Even Though It’s a DAY-BY-DAY Program, It’s FLEXIBLE

People are busy. They can’t just follow a rigid program. This is why I have designed this course in a flexible way. People can adapt the exercises to their own schedule and even don’t practice for days or weeks as long as they do the exercises in the order they are presented.


4) POWERFUL (Champion’s Level) Inner Game

Surprisingly no other training programs care about this. Well, the inner game is very important. Most of the time guys with premature ejaculation lack confidence (due to the disappointment, they live in their bedrooms). I have studied NLP, NS, Motivational Psychology and I have been a personal assistant of a very famous Peak Performance coach in London and in The 47 Hour I give my readers actual techniques and strategies to boost their confidence and become in control mentally first. No other training program does this (even if some try… poorly).


5) THOROUGH Pelvic Floor Training: FORGET KEGELS!

99.9% of premature ejaculation programs focus on kegels as a one stop solution for everything. Kegels by themselves simply don’t work. Kegels work only when part of a 360 degree pelvic floor training. Most guys with P.E. have an unbalanced pelvic floor that needs to be toned, relaxed and stretched and not just contracted with traditional kegels! In The 47 Hour program guys will learn about 10 types of pelvic floor exercises to achieve the pelvic floor mastery they need: hands-free pelvic training, hands-on pelvic training and full body pelvic training.

6) Finally a Program That Deals With “MENTAL” Premature Ejaculation

This is different from confidence. Most guys with premature ejaculation lose their cool in their minds and activate the ejaculation process with their mental arousal before they actually start having sex. Most crap programs suggest readers to distract themselves, which is a terrible idea and can cause arousal dysfunction and erection problems. In The 47 Hour I teach guys what to do with their mind while they have sex for improved performance.



All premature ejaculation programs out there end up somehow with: “oh, yeah… and then just apply this info while you have sex….”. This is totally useless and frustrating for the reader who is left without an actual strategy. The 47 Hour goes from practicing on your own to practicing with a partner (whether the partner is aware she’s part of the exercise or she doesn’t – you decide if you want to tell them or not).


8) Introducing My “MAP of AROUSAL” for Greater Performance and Improvement

99.9% of P.E. programs tell people to use a 1-10 scale to take control of their arousal. This may work for some, but it won’t for others. Why? because not everyone thinks the same way and the 1-10 scale comes from a very simplistic and naive understanding of the mind. Our brain is much more complex than that and I have created a system called “Map of Arousal” that adapts to whatever thought pattern the reader may have in order to give them complete, absolute control over their arousal. You won’t find this anywhere else as it is my own creation.


9) First Ever Illustrations of the Ejaculation Process to Boost Improvements

Most guys need to “see things” to understand them. That’s just how their brain works. You won’t believe how difficult it is to find proper illustrations that show you how ejaculation works. I had to get a 3D anatomy software, get in touch with one of the top pelvic floor specialists in San Francisco and hire an illustrator to create a set of easy drawings that explain to my readers how ejaculation works and what muscles are involved so that they can become aware of the process and control it.


10) Actual 24/7 Support

Everything is clear and straightforward in The 47 Hour, but I am willing to help if needed. They can just shoot me an email at for anything.


3 Things You Should Never Say About “The 47 Hour”

I won’t tolerate spam and I will report you to clickbank if I find that you are using illegal or spammy practices to promote The 47 Hour.

1) Never write I (Deon Black) Am a Doctor because I am NOT.

2) Never write that “The 47 Hour” can cure P.E. in 47 Hours STRAIGHT. It’s 47 hours of training in total but they need to be distributed over 12 weeks or more because human bodies need time to develop new abilities. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight.

3) Never make up stuff. If you want more information, just please click the “ask a question” button on top of this page and send me an email. I’ll be more than happy to help you.